MTO Earth Rainbow set of 7 Basic Organic Hemp panties SOFT ELASTIC


Organic hemp and cotton everyday panties made for comfort and for the love of your body and the earth

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**This is a listing for SET OF SEVEN everyday EARTH RAINBOW organic hemp panties with SOFT ELASTIC

  • If you choose to customize your panty style selection, please be sure to add your choices in the message to seller box when you check out. thank you !
  • This is a MADE TO ORDER item. there is a 4 week turn around time on customized orders. thank you for understanding and supporting handmade, small business, and slow fashion.


1. please READ my sizing chart. all sizing charts are different from brand to brand, and I will not start your custom order until I have a confirmation from you that you have read it, and chose your size wisely.

2. have someone help you get your measurements ! measuring yourself can result in faulty numbers.

3. remember, I CANNOT EXCHANGE PANTIES, I CAN EXCHANGE BRAS AND OTHER GARMENTS, BUT SPECIFICALLY I HAVE HAD ISSUES WITH PEOPLE RETURNING UNDIES THAT ‘DONT FIT’ THAT HAVE OBVIOUSLY BEEN WORN. why someone would ever do this sort of thing, is beyond my understanding… but, please take into consideration the hygienic reasons why I cannot exchange panties if they do not fit.

4. SO PLEASE take great care when getting your measurements and choosing your size. if you are a different size on the top or the bottom just add that into the message to seller space, and if you do not fit into my sizing chart options, please add your custom measurements in the message to seller space, and I will read those while making your order. MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS.


**These Panties are made with the intention to be an everyday staple. designed for comfort and ultimate fit, I can honestly say I won’t wear other panties, and hopefully you will feel the same !

**CALICO ALCHEMY::How these are Made::


ALL GARMENTS ARE – Designed, Hand Cut, Sewn, and Dyed in Northern CA, by Kelley Bennett: One Women Show

::IN PLANTS WE TRUST:: my journey as an herbal chemist

This is Eco Fashion at it’s finest. Herbal dyeing is a science. AN ANCIENT ALCHEMICAL ART. a practice of patience. a labor of love.

I have been practicing herbal dyeing for over 8 years now. It is very expensive and time intensive to achieve bold hues THAT LAST. Sometimes dyes will turn out a slightly different shade than expected, sometimes they will turn out a bit marbled. When you are dyeing with herbs, insects, and other natural vegetable and plant dyes, the outcome can vary slightly. Through my long journey as an herbal dyer it has been a major goal of mine to create the same colors consistantly, if you are unhappy with a dye job, please let me know and we can re dye.


We ask that you take good care of your garments from us especially in the washing process:

1. Machine wash on cold

2. Wash with other delicates

*you can dry your clothes in the machine, but I do not recommend it for the majority of the times you wash your herbal dyed garments
*choose a low heat or tumble dry.

4. BEST TO OPT FOR A NATURAL LANDRY DETERGENT! steer clear of citric scented Landry detergents– best results with seventh generation, mrs Meyers clean day, ECOS, – or any other NATURAL FREE AND CLEAR – or lavender scented detergents. NO TIDE OR OTHER SYNTHETIC SOAPS ARE RECOMMENDED. I CANNOT PROMISE YOUR CLOTHING WILL LOOK THE SAME AFTER USING SOAPS SUCH AS THESE.


Certain herbal and plant dye colors can be sensitive to citric acid found commonly in lemons, limes, and vinegar. if you splash some of this on your clothes, wipe with a cool rag right away to lift the acid out. it may stay, but usually fades over a little bit of time. if you get a stain on your garment that is unfixable to your knowledge, please talk to me ! i can help. it cost a small amount for me to put your garment back into the dye pot and re dye them. I do ask you cover shipping.

Why does this happen? ?

Herbal Dyeing is CHEMISTRY. When you wear Herbal Dyed Clothing you must understand that the color is ALIVE, which is why a slight PH change can alter the color. ALL COLORS FROM THE EARTH will effect your overall mood and Aura. Each Herbal Dye Color can be directly tuned to your chakra, and you can use that energy for creating a higher Vibration within youself, simply because the threads you are wearing are Viberating at a Higher Frequency then any other colored clothing you can wear.

With Love and Gratitude~ Kelley Bennett~ CALICO ALCHEMY ORGANICS
a production of: FAMILY OF LIGHT DESIGNS

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in
Panty Styles

bikini, booty short, cheeky, customize your panty style selection, highwaisted, thong


extra large, extra small, large, medium, small


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