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Story | Calico Alchemy Organics

Earth Rainbow Warriors

The story of my art has been a life-long journey, It was never a decision for me, I was born this way.  My name is Kelley Bennett, Owner of Calico Alchemy Organics and Family of Light Designs.  I have been sewing most of my life. Since I was 8 years old to be exact. I started Family of Light Designs in 2008, and Began my journey as an herbal dyer in 2010, under the name of Kosmic Alignment. I have learned and grown so much since then, and the quality of my product has come such a long way. My Designs are a compilation of everything I have done in my life, and through these experiences deciding what I feel best fit for the female form to travel this earth in. Keeping in mind the need to feel comfortable, sexy, and natural. While not sacrificing the need for clothing to be sustainable and functional. Most of my collections are inspired by the modern and natural lifestyle that you see trending today, while combining elements from fashion of worldly culture or different points of history in which I find fascinating. I have always had a deep connection with the earth. Water, air, minerals, and plants, all of which elements have ignited my passion for eco-friendly lifestyle, and owning an earth conscious and sustainable businesses.

Thank you all so much for supporting my art since 2008.  I hope I have made you proud ! Your support literally gets put right back into the dream I have been slowly manifesting, and as I see this dream continue to grow, The more I know that what I am doing is the right path. For art, for the earth, and for the people of the earth.

Thank you for choosing to shop small, and support small business and eco-conscious clothing and dye. You should feel proud ! Together we are all doing something so great.

Kelley Renae bennett

Owner & Founder of Calico Alchemy Organics since 2010. 

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